Is there a fee to become a candidate?

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Many of our candidates have assured us the fee is small, considering the comprehensive list of benefits candidates can access once an application is accepted and activated.

Do I have to pay a fee when I accept a Job offer at a school?

No. Any recruitment fee is always paid by the school hiring you.

Is the registration fee is refundable once I am an active member? 

Once your file is active and you have access to our database of information, the registration fee becomes non-refundable.

What if I accept an offer, but then later decide not to go?

It is very important to accept an offer only if and when you are 100% committed. Once you verbally accept a position (whether you have signed the actual contract or not), you are firmly committed to your agreement to take the job. Schools are not able to replace teachers easily when candidates back out of their commitments. They have passed on other quality candidates, and with each week of a recruiting season, the candidate pool dwindles.