Why Register with ISO JobBoard?

  • We care about each and every candidate
  • We will help you through the entire process and will give you as much attention as you need
  • We are well known for our personal attention and ongoing support
  • We have 15 years of experience working closely with hundreds of top international schools
  • Our databases are extremely sophisticated and helpful to candidates in the job-hunting process, and offer an equally invaluable service to schools seeking to find outstanding candidates
  • Our process is particularly effective in matching good teachers with good schools as we keep them small and focused so that we can provide personal attention to those candidates and schools that attend

Am I guaranteed a position in an International School?

Jobs are not guaranteed. Much of your success will depend on your willingness to teach at multiple locations, your subject area and the strength of your file. Roughly 90% of the candidates who are registered will eventually secure a job by using the database and connecting with schools.

Can I choose the destination I will go to?

As a candidate, you are completely in control of which schools you apply to. Interviews and offers may come from schools in unexpected countries, and you may not get interviews in your country of choice. We will be available for advice and counsel throughout the entire process. We always encourage candidates to be open to all areas of the world in order to increase their chances of getting, at least, one good job offer.

Do you search for a position for me? 

Once your profile is active, it is your responsibility to search the database for openings and contact schools directly. You will receive daily emails informing you of openings when schools post them (which means that the system is searching for positions that match your preferences and notifying you immediately). You are the best person to know if a school might be of interest to you, so research the position well.  Similarly, recruiters will be searching the database to look for candidates that fit their hiring needs and may contact you directly to ask if you are interested.

Do you assign me to a specific school? 

We do NOT assign candidates to schools. Our purpose is to connect candidates and international schools through an online database. As a candidate, your profile will be available to schools searching to fill a position(s), and similarly you as a candidate will be able to view a school profile, search for vacancies and contact schools. However, all job offers depend on the strength of your file, your confidential references, your ability to interview, and your flexibility as to the type of school and location you find attractive.

Does Job Board help Candidates looking for counseling positions? 

Yes! There is always a need for outstanding counselors with primary or secondary school experience.  Typically, an International School will have one counselor per division: Elementary, Middle and High School.  A larger school may well have more than one counselor, particularly at the High School level.  In this case, a school may well require experience in college counseling in addition to academic and personal counseling.

In some countries,  schools will hire school psychologists.  If you are a school psychologist with good experience, and would feel comfortable in the counseling role, you should definitely consider applying.

I want to teach overseas together with my spouse. How does that work?  

We strongly encourage teaching couples to apply with JobBoard as schools generally prefer to hire couples (although some factors such as number of dependent children, teaching preferences and flexibility may affect a teaching couples ability to be competitive.) Both members of the teaching couple would be required to complete a separate application.

Who has a better chance of getting a Job? 

Teachers in specialist fields have the best chances of success due to a smaller teacher supply in relation to the number of jobs. Specialist areas include music, art, library, early childhood, sports, coaches, science and mathematics, and advanced level teachers (such as IB Diploma, AP, GCE A-Level).  Specialists do have an advantage over English and ESL teachers, fields in which the supply is large, but schools are always looking for outstanding teachers in all areas.

Who is an intern Candidate?

Intern positions are available for graduating seniors and recent college graduates who wish to spend an academic year working in an international school. Intern candidates may have teaching certification/qualifications and some teaching experience but are not required to do so. Internships are paid positions with the same benefits given to teaching candidates, such as housing, roundtrip airfare and more. If you would like more information regarding intern positions, and/or whether you would qualify as an intern candidate, please contact us.