What Qualifications are necessary for a teacher? 

International schools vary in their requirements, and the country in which a school is located may have specific requirements to establish eligibility for a work-visa and approval by the relevant government ministry. It is essential for a candidate to have at least a B.A., a B.Sc., or B.Ed. degree and certification/qualification from a major English-speaking country is preferred for classroom teachers by at least 60% of the schools.

Degree qualifications and, at least, two years (sometimes more) of full-time teaching experience in a suitable ‘mainstream’ school (primary/elementary and/or secondary) are often quoted as minimum requirements.  Some schools will accept newly qualified candidates as well as interns. A Master’s degree is valued for teachers and administrators, and some schools look favorably at doctorates for Head of School positions. Intern candidates normally have none of the foregoing qualifications, except that they are usually about to earn a Bachelor’s degree before starting their internship.

Do I need to know the language of the Country? 

No, English is the main language of instruction, but most people who travel overseas enjoy taking language courses so that they can feel more comfortable moving around independently. Some schools with a large population of host country national students may give preference to candidates who have a working knowledge of the language.

Is prior international experience required for teachers and administrators? 

International experience can be a preferred qualification for some schools, but is not necessary to be a competitive candidate.