The role of the Secondary School Math Teacher is essentially to build and maintain a successful Math program within
the school and will be required to teach Math to Grade 6 – 12 students. Stamford educators provide outstanding
experiences for students and our Secondary School teachers are responsible for working collaboratively to develop and implement the IB program at Stamford.

• Developing trusting and effective relationships with all children in the class and their parents
• Establishing supportive and positive working relationships with all other members of staff
• Becoming a presence across the whole school and a representative of it within its wider community
Educational Role: Educational Role:
• Developing and executing the preparation, planning and delivery of math units for students in class
• Using a range and balance of teaching strategies
• Grouping strategies using a variety of different learning situations, including whole class, small group, partner work
and individual work
• Building on student capabilities and differentiating to meet student needs
• Ensuring that the teaching environment is well managed and appropriately resourced
• Planning to ensure that ‘students achieve more than they think they can’ by collecting and using information on
student performance
• Planning which emphasizes connections among curriculum areas and explicitly focuses on interdisciplinary skills
and the essential elements of the IB Program
• Planning in a collegial and professional manner with peers, showing respect, being prepared and on time, and
adhering to the school wide meeting norms and team’s essential agreements at all times
• Involving students, parents and colleagues in the assessment process on a regular basis and as appropriate
• Involving students in shared reflection on a consistent basis
• Evaluating the program collaboratively with teaching partners, parents and students as appropriate, using agreed
flexible systems
• Taking responsibility for coaching of teams
Extended Professional Role: Extended Professional Role:
• Contributing towards the whole-school team spirit by taking every opportunity to promote the philosophy and
policies of Stamford
• Taking responsibility for the class during times of emergency
• Supervising students at break/lunch and other unstructured times
• Ensuring that the students are safe and secure at all times
• Communicating regularly and positively with parents via timely meetings, class webs, reports and conferences

Parents: Parents:
• Coordinating parent meetings where appropriate to review a student’s progress
• Coordinating efforts of parents to assist with Math field trips
General: General:
• Teaching any classes as deemed necessary
• To provide any other reasonable duties delegated by the School Management

About Stamford American International School

Stamford American International School (Stamford) was opened by Cognita in August 2009 and is founded on a mission of providing the best teaching and learning experiences for each individual. Stamford offers students from Nursery through High School a rigorous academic program featuring the IB Program enhanced by American academic standards.

In addition to offering the AERO standards, Stamford is an IB World School authorized to offer the Primary Years Program, Middle Years Program and Diploma Program. IB World Schools share a common philosophy - commitment to high quality, challenging, international education that Stamford believes is important for our students. Stamford offers the IB Diploma Program and Advanced Placement program, together with our American High School diploma.

Technology is a priority and the 1 to 1 Elementary School iPad Program (Kindergarten 2 to Grade 5) andSecondary School 1 to 1 MacBook Pro Program ensures that technology is fully integrated into classroom activities. Stamford also offers daily Mandarin and Spanish language instruction to broaden communication skills.

Centrally located at 1 Woodleigh Lane (Off Upper Serangoon Road), the purpose-built campus houses a Learning Resources and Media Center with global video-conferencing, an interactive Science Center, and top-of-the-line athletics facilities.