Qualities of a good teacher

Teaching is an exciting and challenging career, full of personal rewards and a chance to encourage and support others to achieve their maximum potential. In addition to the necessary academic requirements involved in becoming a teacher, students also need to develop the skills required to effectively teach and become outstanding teachers.

There are many qualities and skills that create an effective teacher, here are a few:

  • Committed – Demonstrates commitment to students and the profession
  • Communicative – Encourages effective two-way communication
  • Compassionate – Caring, empathetic and able to respond to people
  • Creative – Versatile, innovative, and open to new ideas
  • Dependable – Honest and authentic in working with others
  • Flexible – Willing to alter plans and directions which assist people in moving toward their goals
  • Individually Perceptive – Sees each student as a unique and valuable individual
  • Knowledgeable – Is in a constant quest for knowledge
  • Motivational – Enthusiastic with standards and expectations for students and self
  • Organised – Makes efficient use of time
  • Patient – Is deliberate in coming to conclusions
  • Personable – Establishes and maintains positive mutual working relationships
  • Positive – Thinks positively and enthusiastically about people and what they are capable of becoming
  • Humorous – Knows how to take the tension out of tight situations
  • Value Based – Focuses upon the worth and dignity of human beings

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