ISO Job Board offers a wide variety of specialized services to international schools:


  • Educational Technology: Provides support, advice, and leadership in reference to implementing and integrating technol­ogy.
  • Guidance Services: Includes student advising, development and leadership in areas re­lated to secondary guidance, life-skills and col­lege counseling programs.
  • Curriculum Development: Includes introduction of IB, bi-lingual, experiential and service learning programs.
  • Host Culture and Cross-Cultural Studies: Integrate your host country into your regular curriculum.


  • Developing Good Governance: Includes roles and responsibilities, effective practices, and implementation methods.
  • Board Structure and Composition: Moving to a more “hybrid” or self-perpetuating board by reviewing and revising constitutions and by-laws.
  • Policy and Procedure Reviews: Includes “slimming” policy manuals to shift procedures to operational handbooks. Also includes aligning policies and practices, evaluating and recommending policies.
  • Transition Planning: Designed for Heads, Boards, and Board Chairs.


  • Strategic Planning: Includes school mission and vision, strategic goal-setting, action-planning, evaluating, and updating.
  • Feasibility Studies: Includes school expansion, additional programs (such as a high school program), etc.